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A NOTE ABOUT OUR WEB SITE. The site contains two parts. This part is relatively fixed information, meaning it does not change on a regular basis. It is designed to be useful to those interested in learning more about Trinity. If you are looking for the latest events, announcements, meetings, schedules & service Info, they are included on our E-Bulletin which can be reached by  Clicking in the orange menu box below.
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Regular Service Times: Saturday 5:30pm, Sunday 8:30 & 11:00am Communion All Services.
Sunday School 9:45am for All Ages
Trinity is a member of (Click Below):
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Southwest Pa. Synod
Butler Area Lutheran Ministries (BALM)

If you happened on to this web site looking for a church, we invite you to learn more about us by looking through the information on this web site and our Outreach E-Bulletin. Then we invite you to visit one of our services. We also encourage you to contact us with questions. Click “Contact Us” box below.

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Current Info
Our Current Info

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Church Council

Church Council

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Below are pictures of some of our recent events!
FaithChestCollage (807x1600)

2015 Synod work group, including Sue Switzer, in New Jersey.

2015 Synod work group, including Sue Switzer, in New Jersey.

CookingGraceDebbie BellChoirDec2014
Do we need a higher ladder or a smaller tree??

Do we need a higher ladder or a smaller tree??

JourBeth2014 Image
FRONT ROW: Carissa Hanford,Elle Mae O’Donnell,Leigh Ann Hertzog,Shannon Stepp,Grace Bickert
2nd ROW: JessicA Goldyn,Justin Rickert,Lauren Hanford,Susan Rothbauer,Lynn Hasychak,Russ McIntire
BACK ROW: Marsha Doerr,Scott Petrak,Barry Flecken,Jeremy Hanford,Christian Rothbauer,Waylon O’Donnell,Shane McIntire,Joe Rothbauer,John Hertzog

Xmas2014Sanctuary Image
Corn Roast Pictures – Labor Day 2014
cornroast1 Cornroast2
Capital Campaign Rally Dinner Pictures – Oct 19, 2014
          Trinity Healing Service
HealingService bluesox1 (500x334)


WorkTrip (410x500)

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